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Wish List Guide

Wish List Users

Your Wish List is where you put all the products you're most excited about. Here you can keep track of the gaming goodies you're planning to buy, or share them with friends and family so they can get you the perfect prezzie!

You can manage your List by removing titles, putting them in order, and when you're ready, share it with your friend List via email.

Setting up a Wish List
To create a Wish List you need an account with us, this is so we can keep your information secure and you can retrieve your Wish List when you return to the site. To create an account you can select 'Wish List' from the top menu and complete the registration process from that page. Once you have an account, next time you return to the Wish List entry page simply log in to retrieve your List.

Adding product to your List
Once you have set up an account and Wish List you are ready to add products in to it. On every product page you will see a 'add to Wish List' button, selecting this will add the product to your List and a message will be displayed telling you it has been added. Once added you can carry on browsing and add more products, or view your full List.

Managing your Wish List
Managing your List couldn't be easier, to view it select Wish List, login (if you haven't already) and from here you can:

  • Viewing: your full Wish List is presented aged you can scroll through the pages using the pagination at the bottom of the page
  • Position: next to each product you have a ranking which enables you to 'move up' or 'move down' items, this enables you to prioritise your List
  • Deleting: to delete a product from you List simple click on 'delete' to the right of the product image
  • Adding comment: if you like you can add a comment to each item in your Wish List, this could be a personal note to emphasise how much you want the item or a joke to a friend or family member about how much fun you will have together if they buy it for you…
  • Adding similar products: to help you find products that we think you will like, we have included a 'more like this' button next to each product in your Wish List, clicking on this will show you similar products which you may also wish for!

Your Wish List Settings
The settings tab gives you access to information related to your Wish List; this includes:

  • Address: the address you added when setting up a registration will be your default address for when people buy something for you. If you like, in this area you can add new addresses, selecting this button will give you a short form to complete.
  • Visibility: in this section you can also select if your List is private or visible to your friends - more on friends below.

Sharing your List
Once you have created your Wish List you can share it with your friends, and if you are really lucky they will buy something for you!

To share your List, select the 'Share my List' tab. From here you can 'Add Friends' which asks for first name, last name and email. Once your friends have been added you can send them an email with a link to your Wish List; to do this first select the 'tick box' next to each friends name and then select 'Send Email'. Your friends will then get an email with a direct link to your Wish List. The site records when you last sent an email to your friends.

Wish List Visitors

Someone you know has shared their Wish List with you.

Buy a product from a Wish List
If you would like to buy a product from your friend's Wish List select the 'Add to Basket' button next to the relevant product. This will add the product to the Mini Shopping Basket shown in the top right corner of the screen. When you are ready to complete your purchase select 'View your Basket' button. Here you will start the checkout process which will take you through a series of questions required to complete your order – it is very quick!

Sending an order directly to the owner of the Wish List
During the checkout process you will be asked where you would like your order delivered to. By default it will display the Wish List owners' address and if you wish you can add a 'Gift Message' and this will appear on the delivery note.

If you prefer you can get it delivered to a different address and add this during the checkout process.

When you have purchased a product from a friend's Wish List
The owner of the Wish List will not be notified when a product on their list has been bought. We don't want to spoil the surprise!