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Managing Your Alerts

Stock and Price Alerts

What are they?
Well there are three types of Alert. Stock Alerts will email you when an out-of-stock product has come back into stock available to buy. A Price Alert will email you when the price of a game falls to or below a certain price that you have previously specified. The third alert is a Preorder Alert, which lets you know when a product is available for preorder. By using the alerts, you don't have to keep checking every day.

How are they used?
You can set up alerts from any product page or search result. Just click on the Alert you want to set – if it's a Price Alert you'll also need to tell it how much you are willing to pay for it.

Are they easy to use?
Yes, any Alerts you set up will appear on the ‘My Alerts' page in the ‘My Account' section, which means you'll need to have an account to use them. Don't have one? Sign up now, it's free!

From ‘My Alerts' you can sort Alerts to find a particular Alert and if you're really keen and have loads, there might be more than one page. You can delete any Alerts you don't want anymore and change the price of Price Alerts. And best of all you won't get spammed! You'll receive just one email when the product comes back into stock or drops to a lower price, and then the Alert deletes itself. So you won't get lots of emails because the product sells out and comes back in again.

Do they do anything else?
No. They are just Alerts. They don't reserve stock or make a purchase for you. They simply tell you when a product is back in stock, available for preorder or fallen below a certain price.