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Updating your Personal Details

What are the benefits of creating a GAME Account?
You'll be able to check your Reward Points at any time, store Personal Details to make the Checkout process easier and change Contact Details at the touch of a button.

By registering for a GAME Account, will you be passing my details onto other companies?
No, we will never pass your personal details on to any third parties. Be sure to read our Privacy Statement.

I've forgotten my Password and am unable to Login.
No problem. Just head on over to the Lost Password Page and enter your e-mail address. You'll then need to answer the security question you set yourself. An e-mail will be immediately sent out, where you'll be given a link to follow. From there, you will be able to reset your Password.

I've forgotten my Reward Card Number or have lost my card.
You should Contact Customer Services. They have your Reward Card details at hand and will be able to give you all the information you require.

I want to unsubscribe from the Newsletter.
You can manage your Newsletter Subscription in the Newsletter area of My Details.

I'm finished with my Account and wish to logout. How do I do this?
To logout of your account, select the Account menu dropdown and click Logout on the bottom of the dropdown menu.

If I forget to logout of my Account, will people be able to use my card details?
Absolutely not. While we have currently not implemented credit card detail storage in the system, we stand by our Privacy Statement and will never pass your personal details on to any third parties. If you do leave yourself logged in and someone else uses your PC, we will ensure checks are run to prevent any unauthorised user from using your card details.

How do I view my Order History online?
You can view past as well as current orders in the Orders area of GAME Account.

How do I enter a Competition?
You will see Competitions listed at the top of your My Details page. Only registered GAME Account holders may enter our Competitions.

What's a Wish List and how do I use it?
You can read all about Wish Lists in the Wish List FAQ!

Can I store Payment Details to make future shopping easier?
Yes, you can manage your Payment Methods from the My Details area of the site. It is of course, completely secure.

Can I store multiple Delivery Addresses to make future shopping easier?
Yes, you can manage your Delivery Addresses from the My Details area of the site.

Please be aware that amending your personal details (payment cards / addresses) will not automatically update any existing preorders you have outstanding. Please contact customer services who will be able to update any preorders for you - https://www.game.co.uk/en/info/Contact-Us