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Guide to User Reviews

Adding a Customer Review to a product

Customer reviews are really helpful in letting everyone know how good a game, console or accessory really is, and we welcome the chance for you to share your opinions of the games you've played.

Every product page has a tab titled 'Rate & Review'. Once you click it, you'll be asked to Log In to your GAME account first, or to create an account if you don't already have one write your review. Once you're logged in (or if you're already logged in) you can get on with your review.

Come up with a title that sums up your thoughts, and then add the review itself. Please keep the review relevant to the product you're reviewing - this isn't the place to mention Customer Service issues, it's your chance to say what you actually thought of the game/accessory/console itself. Please be honest, as others may use your review as the basis on whether they choose to buy the product themselves. Oh, and reviews are limited to 1000 characters, so try to be short and sweet! Once it's done, click Post Review!

All reviews are subject to our approval process. Any review containing libellous, defamatory, racist, profane or otherwise incendiary content will not be published. Do not include personal details or any order details, and please no advertisements, links to, or mentions of other websites or our competitors. reserves the right to refuse publication of any content deemed unsuitable - no discussion will be entered into.

Please note: you can only publish one review per product.

Adding a Customer Rating to a product

As well as the review, you have the chance to simply rate our products. You should see five stars next to the Post Review button - just click on the number of stars you think the game is worth.

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