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Pre-owned Products

We sell both preowned games and consoles, products which have been previously owned and have been traded-in at one of our GAME Stores. We only accept trade-ins of an acceptable quality, so that we can always ensure that customers will get a like-new experience with any preowned product. All preowned products are covered under GAME's 28 Day Returns Guarantee.

Preowned Games - FAQs

What condition will my game come in?
We always do our best to present preowned software in as good condition as possible. All games wil be in full working order and we check all discs to ensure that they are in a suitable condition with no scratches. There may occasionally be minor blemishes on the disc that will not affect the game's playability.

All preowned games are presented in the correct box, although we can't always guarantee the manual will be included, and there may be occasional signs of wear-and-tear on things like cardboard sleeves or other bits of extra packaging. We always strive to ensure the packaging is of a presentable and acceptable quality.

Do you have different grades of 'condition' for preowned games (e.g. mint, near-mint etc)?
No. All preowned games are checked at the time of trade-in, and only games that meet our quality standards - or can be reconditioned to meet them - will be accepted.

If my disc is faulty, can I return it?
Absolutely, either by mail or in one of our stores. Preowned games are subject to the same Returns Policy as mint software.

If you are returning it to a store, please ensure you have your invoice as proof of purchase (and your GAME Reward card if this was used). We will offer you a replacement copy of the same game, or a refund if none are available. A game or Gift Card of the same value may also be offered as an alternative.

As with our mint software, if the seal is broken, you can only return a preowned game if it is faulty - disliking the game will not be an acceptable reason.

Can preowned games be traded back in?
Yes. Both mint and preowned copies of the same game will carry the same trade-in value (again, assuming they are of an acceptable quality). Buying and playing a preowned game and then trading it in again is one of the best value ways to enjoy gaming!

What about additional online content? Will this be available?
Unfortunately the answer is usually no. Some games have special content that can only be accessed by the original owner and can't be included when the game is traded in. For some games this extra content can be accessed by an 'online pass', but this can come with an extra charge from the publishers of the game to do so.

Can I buy preowned PC games?
As many PC titles come with CD keys to play, this registers the copy of the game to a specific machine and can't be transferred. This essentially prevents us from being able to offer preowned PC games.

Preowned Consoles and Accessories - FAQs

Do preowned consoles come with the correct packaging, cables and controllers?
We can't always promise the original packaging but they do indeed come in a box and, as with mint hardware, we ensure that consoles come with everything you need to play with it.

Do preowned consoles come with a guarantee?
Yes, the same 12-month guarantee that comes with new consoles.

Will there be any data stored on a preowned console?
While we take every effort to ensure that any existing data is removed, we cannot always guarantee this. GAME accepts no liability for any previous user content that might be retained.

Can I trade-in a preowned console?
Yes. As with trading-in preowned games, the same trade-in price is offered regardless of how many previous owners a console has had, as long as it is still fully functional and in an acceptable condition.

You can find out more about our Trade-In service here.