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Disc Repair Service

Repair your games, DVDs, Music & Blu-ray Discs
Only £2.99 each, or 3 for only £5!

Got a great game that's stopped working? Music CD that skips at the breakdown? DVD disc read error? Then you're in luck - GAME Stores across the country are now offering customers the chance to repair their damaged CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs!

At £2.99 per disc or £5 for three discs, this is a great way to restore some of your favourite digital entertainment to working order. If we're busy then you can even leave your discs with us in store and collect them later - and if you're trying to trade in an unusable game, the cost to repair it lowers to just a pound!

Repair your damaged movie, music and game discs at a GAME Store near you now!

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Service Features:

• Single disc repairs: Charge of £2.99.
• Three disc repairs: Charge of £5.00.
• Trade-in repairs: Charge of £1.00 per disc.
• Multimedia: Repairs CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs - restoring your favourite music, movies and games to working order in minutes!
• Repair times: 2, 5 or 8 minutes depending on disc type and overall damage. (Blu-Ray Discs require 5 minutes minimum).
• Like New: The Disc-Go-Devil grinding machine removes a very thin (1/1000th of a millimetre) layer and polishes your disc to a 'like new' finish!

Spotting An Unrepairable Disc:

Most scratch-damaged discs can be repaired; but discs suffering other types of damage or excessive scratching can't be.

Here's how to spot a disc that's beyond repair:

• Excessive scratching: Scratches too deep or numerous may affect the ability to repair it. Typically however, 94% of discs can be repaired.
• Cracks: Typically start from the inside out.
• Dents: Indentations or chips at the edge of the disc, caused by blunt force
• Warping: The disc being bent or otherwise distorted out of shape. Usually due to heat damage.
• Foil Damage: Damage on the label side of the disc. If you can see light all the way through, the disc is likely unrepairable.
• Layer separation: Excessive heat or bending can see layers separate. Check to see if the colour of the disc has altered from the usual silver/gold/blue.

Certain types of damage may not be repairable, ask staff for details.

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