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Regional Compatibility of Products

Boxed video games, downloads, and films all have different types of region coding for different areas of the world, and can only be played on compatible systems.

Video Games
Our video games are PAL (UK and Europe) versions. You must have a PAL video game system to play them. We do NOT sell NTSC (US) video games. All PC (Computer) products that we sell should work on any PC system, provided it matches at least the Minimum Requirements to play the game (minimum requirements are viewable on the product pages for PC games).

Any download games, subscriptions or add-ons on Xbox LIVE or PC at GAME.co.uk are useable in the United Kingdom. While they may work in other countries we cannot guarantee that all will. PlayStation Network download games, subscriptions and add-ons will only work in the UK.

Any DVDs on sale at GAME.co.uk are Region Two (2) format only. There are six world Regions for DVD - Region 2 covers the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Japan. Discs manufactured in one region will usually only play on players that were manufactured for sale in the same region, so discs bought in the USA will not play on UK players and vice versa. Please check your DVD manual, or with the manufacturer, if in doubt.

Any Blu-rays on sale at GAME.co.uk are Region B format. Blu-ray has 3 different regions, which are different to that of DVDs. While DVDs use region numbering, Blu-rays use region lettering. Region B covers Europe, Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, and Australia.

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