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Nintendo Wii

  • 17/09/2012 Previews

    LEGO City Undercover - Preview

    Coming to Wii U, the most ambitious entry yet in the multi-million selling LEGO game series sees players taking on the role of Chase McCain, an undercover detective on a mission to apprehend the evil Rex Fury and end his crime wave in LEGO City.…

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  • 19/06/2012 Previews

    Pikmin 3 - Preview

    Whether it's podgy Italian plumbers or space-travelling foxes, few developers can match Nintendo when it comes to creating unique and loveable characters. Yet even by the developer's quirky standards, the Pikmin are positively quirky. A race of walking, plant-like creatures, the ultra-cute Pikmin first appeared in a pair of intriguing strategy games for the Nintendo GameCube way back in 2001 and 2004. It may have taken an entire generation of consoles for them to return in Pikmin 3 for the Wii U, but you know how the saying goes - it's better later than never!…

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  • 05/10/2012 Previews

    Wii U Preview - Pick of the Third Party Titles

    Between the platforming thrills of New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land's brilliant and quirky mini-games, we all know that Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console's going to be great for brand new games, but what about the titles that have already come out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the games that Nintendo fans are only just getting the chance to try? What about space operas like Mass Effect 3, or hack-and-slash fantasies like Darksiders II?…

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  • 12/07/2012 Previews

    New Super Mario Bros. U - Preview

    The few levels shown off to date offer more of the tried and tested 2D side-scrolling gameplay we've become accustomed to in recent years through the New Super Mario Bros titles for Wii and DS. As ever, Mario's platforming physics are perfectly tuned, with the plump plumber's easily controllable weight and momentum making it a joy to bounce through green and rocky Mushroom Kingdom environments, and to manoeuvre across rotating stars acting as platforms against the stunning backdrop of a starry night sky - perhaps the most immediate difference to past games in the series is the crisp high definition visuals offered by Nintendo's new console, which is a welcome first for the long-running franchise.…

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