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  • 25/07/2013 Reviews

    Pikmin 3 - Review

    Nintendo has an uncanny talent at taking an established genre and giving it a fresh, accessible spin, and one of the best examples of this skill is Pikmin. Best described as Nintendo's attempt at creating a Real Time Strategy series, it started life over a decade ago on the GameCube, but we've been forced to endure a nine year wait for an all-new instalment. Thankfully, the end result is of such high quality that it's easy to forgive the Japanese veteran for taking its time - in fact, Pikmin 3 is one of the finest releases on the Wii U yet seen.…

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  • 15/11/2012 Reviews

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Review

    Is it that time of year already? No, not the annual rush to plaster Christmas all over every shopping centre as soon as the last embers of Bonfire Night have died down, but the traditional November release of a new Call of Duty game. Turning out a new title in a series every twelve months should lead to creative inertia but against the odds, in Black Ops II developer Treyarch has delivered the most invigorated and interesting COD in years.…

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