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Enjoy console-quality gaming in the palm of your hand with PlayStation Vita

SONY's powerful new handheld console boasts fantastic graphics thanks to the 5-inch OLED touchscreen. With dual analogue sticks, a front touchscreen and a rear touch pad, the PS Vita offers controls never before found on a handheld, and a host of games that take advantage of these unique features.

Add to this a host of online features on PlayStation Network, front and rear cameras, cross-play with PlayStation 3 and remote play on PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Vita is a must for serious gamers on the go!

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  1. Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel… (25/09/2014)

    Disney goes to infinity and beyond with its latest interactive ad-venture featuring the Marvel universe.…

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  2. FIFA 15 Review (25/09/2014)

    FIFA finds itself at the top of the sports genre with its first truly next-generation edition.…

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  3. Borderlands 2 - PlayStation… (30/05/2014)

    8/10 - Borderlands 2 for Vita provides a thrilling experience full of memorable characters and fast-paced action that makes each p…

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  4. LEGO The Hobbit (11/04/2014)

    8/10 - Take an expected and entirely welcome journey through the world of Middle Earth with Bilbo and Co.…

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