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  • 06/04/2011 Reviews

    WWE All Stars - Review

    Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

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  • 07/11/2012 Reviews

    WWE '13 - Review

    WWE wrestling games have been a staple of games consoles since the days of the NES. The evolution of these games has seemingly matched the growth and popularity of Vince McMahon's 'Sports Entertainment' Empire, with both peaking at about the same time - No Mercy for the N64 and the fabled 'Attitude Era' that replaced all-American heroes with foul-mouthed anti-heroes. …

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  • 04/03/2011 Reviews

    Fight Night Champion - Review

    The noble art of boxing has been a part of gaming ever since Nintendo released Punch-Out!! in the mid-nineties, and although this classic is basic by today's loftier standards, its tagline of "as close to the ring as you can get without going through the ropes" is an accolade it once wore with pride. But today, the mantle of Heavyweight Champion has been passed on to the Fight Night series.…

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