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Enjoy 3D gaming wherever you are with Nintendo 3DS!

With its unique controls and dual screens, the Nintendo 3DS offers 3D gameplay without the need for glasses. There's a whole host of 3DS games to suit all ages, from kids to more serious gamers, and an array of online features, including downloads from the eShop and Streetpass - a great new way to interact with anyone playing a 3DS nearby!

From the original 3DS, to the bigger 3DS XL and entry-level 2DS, the 3DS family of consoles are yours to take away - literally!

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  1. FIFA 15 Review (25/09/2014)

    FIFA finds itself at the top of the sports genre with its first truly next-generation edition.…

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  2. Tomodachi Life (09/06/2014)

    7/10 - Have your Miis live the life they've always wanted in Nintendo's new 3DS game…

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  3. Kirby Triple Deluxe (08/05/2014)

    8/10 - The adorable, pink, puff ball returns in Kirby Triple Deluxe, one of the best-looking Kirby games to date full to the brim …

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  4. LEGO The Hobbit (11/04/2014)

    8/10 - Take an expected and entirely welcome journey through the world of Middle Earth with Bilbo and Co.…

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