Funky Barn 3DS

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Run your own funky and frenzied farm

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Release Date: 28-Sep-2012

Run your own funky and frenzied farm!

Ready to make some wool? Pop your sheep into The Shearing Machine and he will hilariously cannonball out, surprised but shorn. Ready to collect some truffles? Get yourself a TruffleCopter that flies around crazily picking up any truffles your pigs may have discovered. With tons of wacky contraptions and goofy animals, Funky Barn 3D, the first farm simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS, is not your average farm game!

Funky Farm 3D on Nintendo 3DS Features:

  • Raise & manage quirky animals each with their own challenges & eccentric personalities – pigs and cows will get along just fine, but let a chicken near your geese and be prepared for feathers to fly!
  • Hands-on farming
    -Via touch screen, shake trees to make fruit fall, build fences and roads, throw an unsuspecting cow into a milking machine or grab a helpless sheep from the claws of a nasty fox!
  • Hands-off farming
    - Start your career by doing all the hard work yourself, but as you become more successful you’ll be able to afford some robotic friends who can do it for you!
    -Buy an Egg Collector, who is cleverly disguised as a giant egg with boots and can sneak into a chicken or goose pen unnoticed, or a Fruit Harvester, a hammer-wielding robot on wheels who attacks fruit trees and knocks their valuable fruit free!
  • Connect and share with friends
    -Keep an eye on how your friends are progressing on their own farms thanks to the in-game newsletter and farm info screens
    -Compare Challenge Mode scores, or exchange rare items via Street Pass!
  • High replayability with lots of ways to play
    -Create your own farm from the ground up with a variety of farmlands with varying geographical challenges to choose from, or revive an already out-of-control farm in Challenge Mode!
  • Battle against natural disasters and marauding pests
    - Tornadoes, lightning storms, foxes, wolves and more will devastate your farm and steal your animals unless you build up your defences! Notice your cows going missing? It’s time to build a Defence Hangar, complete with jet fighters which fly into action when a UFO gets near your cow barn!
  • The most beautiful farm around
    -Keep your animals happy and your farm looking lovely by purchasing a variety of decorations and plants, but watch out! Plants grow mushrooms which can either have very positive or very explosive effects on some animals!
  • Stunning 3D visuals
    -Enjoy a world full of charm and character, where it’s not just the animals and plants, but also the machines and buildings which spring to life!
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