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Freakyforms Deluxe 3DS

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  • Design your very own freaky formee and have them explore a world of your making with Freakyforms Deluxe Your Own Creations, Alive! On Nintendo 3DS
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Freakyforms Deluxe Product Details

Create your formee and take it on a wild adventure across your personalised planet in Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations, Alive! for Nintendo 3DS

Bring your very own creatures to life, letting your imagination run wild as you create something truly unique. Called formees, your customised creatures are created by choosing the shapes, body parts and colours that you want from the drawing board, putting them together and tweaking to transform them into pretty much anything. The only limit is your imagination.

Expanding the fun from the Nintendo 3DS Download Software version, this eccentric game is packed full of user-generated content and a wide range of new features for you to enjoy. There are oodles of body parts to choose from when designing your formee, even wings that let your formee fly and wheels to make it move much faster on land.

Once you’ve brought your group of formees to life, you can send them off to play in the side-scrolling platform part of the game, exploring your personally customised planet and completing quests as you go. There's locations to discover and new body parts to find, and all manner of fun things to try like fruit eating, collecting money, and unlocking - and exploring – the new dungeons. In each of dungeon, you'll have to take on a perilous task in order to find hidden jewels and unlock new abilities called Special Actions. These add another layer of personalisation to your formees through new animations and sounds, including shooting actual missiles from your formee or engulfing it in flames.

Each dungeon features elements from the location in which it’s found such as water in the Ocean dungeon or wind currents in Cloudland, and every floor has a jewel which acts as the key to the next floor to be found. Model formees and even Guests’ formees from StreetPass will appear in each dungeon, trying to hinder your progress. Defeat these formees in order to reach the end and the final boss battle!

For the first time, you can now also showcase your formees with other Nintendo 3DS users in multiplayer mode, as well as sharing them over StreetPass, or via QR Codes which can also be used to import a formee into the game. If you fancy getting even closer to the little creatures, watch them come to life in front of your very own eyes using the “?” AR Card. There's also the option of utilising Download Play so if you want to play with a friend who doesn’t own the game then they will be able to join in with the creative fun.

With full Touch Screen controls, Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations, Alive!, will provide everyone with hours of creative fun. Get designing and creating now, as the sky’s the limit in Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations, Alive!

Downloadable copy of Freaky Forms Deluxe Available

Please Note: Freaky Forms Deluxe for Nintendo 3DS is 723 Blocks (89 MB). Check that you have enough space on your SD Card to download and install this title, if you need more storage space click here for our range of fully compatible SD Cards.

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