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Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition - Only at GAME Xbox 360

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  • Hit the open road with the Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition, packed with more cars, VIP Membership and instant access to new features as they arrive
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Special Features

Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition Features

Get even more out of the open road with the Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition, packed with more cars, VIP Membership and instant access to new features as they arrive!

The Limited Collector's Edition comes packed in custom designed Steelbook, containing the game and your Horizon Festival Ticket to access Xbox LIVE content which includes:

  • Launch Day Car Pack (5-car pack*)
  • VIP Membership (5-car pack* and VIP privileges)
  • Horizon Accelerator Token Pack - Giving player instant access to new cars, map unlocks, fast travel, and popularity spikes.
  • Exclusive LCE Car Liveries (5-car pack*)
Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition on Xbox 360 at GAME
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Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition - Only at GAME Product Details
Forza's  trademark authenticity hits the open road - and the festival circuit - in Forza  Horizon, with open world gameplay and a host of new challenges

Forza's  authentic gameplay hits the open road - and the festival circuit - in Forza  Horizon.

The hugely  successful Forza Motorsport series takes a sharp left-turn away from the traditional  tracks of previous entries, and embarks on an exciting road trip, offering  open-world gameplay amongst the Rocky Mountains of Colorado - and entry to the Horizon  Festival, offering new ways to enjoy the authentic Forza driving experience!

Top  Features of Forza Horizon - only on Xbox 360
- Open road,  open world - expansive series-first open world gameplay
- Action  racing rewarded - new challenges and rewards await on the streets
- Festival  fever - music, partying and cars collide at the Horizon Festival
- Unmistakeably  Forza - all the cars and authenticity you'd expect from a Forza game

Open Road, Open World
For the  first time, Forza steps away from the track and takes to the open road for  expansive new open world gameplay. Set in the idyllic mountains of Colorado,  you'll get to experience on-road, off-road and dirt road driving, all with the  same level of realism you'd expect from Forza. With dramatic 24 hour lighting  that only adds to the realism of your journey, this expansive environment will  keep you heading towards the horizon, never looking back!

Action  Racing Rewarded
Taking to  the road doesn't just mean driving for driving's sake - there's still a lot of  competition to be found on the streets of Forza Horizon with new action-based  gameplay. Compete in festival events, show off your skills, or go fast and  furious with instant street race challenges where your pink slip - and your  reputation - is on the line. These challenges aren't just limited to career  mode - go online and compete with friends and rivals in a variety of challenges  and prove who really is the best behind the wheel!

Festival Fever
What's the  point of driving without the chance to party away your victories? The all-new  Horizon Festival offers just that - a place where music and cars collide, a  place where competition meets culture. With some of today's hottest music  curated by Radio 1 DJ and Bestival founder Rob da Bank, the Horizon Festival  serves as the hub for all your career and online events

Unmistakeably  Forza
The races  may be different, but the driving is undeniably Forza. Built with the same engine  that made Forza Motorsport 4 such a game-changer for authenticity, Forza Horizon  boasts the same graphics, physics and handling, and a diverse line-up of cars  to really show it off! For an authentic driving experience, accept nothing less  than first place!

*Specific cars to be announced at a later date. Xbox LIVE  Membership required to download content. Xbox LIVE Gold Membership required to  use some of the functionality.

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