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  • 1 month membership to Fight My Monster or 1 pack of your online cards printed and posted.
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Fight My Monster Gift Card - £4.95 Product Details

1 month membership to Fight My Monster or 1 pack of your online cards printed and posted.

What is included in a Membership?

Members have extra high Player Energy, which means they can do LOADS more fights.  

One of the MOST popular features for players is Member Insurance - only available for those with memberships.  Members who have suffered major defeats and losses in Monsters and Nuggets will get help from GROG!  Member Insurance provides an additional 25,000 Gold Nuggets whenever members have a combined total of worth that is LESS than 25,000.  

To recap: If you're a member and the value of your monsters + the total number of Gold Nuggets you have is LESS than 25,000, you will receive an additional 25,000 Gold Nuggets from the Member Insurance program.

Every wanted to actually PLAY Grod?  Yep. Members can have create very own Monster!  Members can design their own genus & species of Monster using the Monster Designer.  They can create super power cards by mix & matching various monsters.

Members can grow NEW monsters using the exclusive "Xtreme" option, which means their new monsters can start with 15,000 power attributes!  

Tribes are a great way to group together with other players in teams, or a clever way to keep track of your overall score.  Members can create private tribes that other people can join ONLY if they are invited.

Members can purchase exclusive potions to BOOST up their Monsters' worth and power.  

Want to be unique? Care to show off a more exclusively themed home base?  Members can choose from special members-only themes that give a distinctively awesome edge.


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