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Escape Plan Collection PlayStation Network

    • PlayStation Network PlayStation Network Your selected format is PlayStation Network
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    • Help the captive duo of Lil and Laarg make their escape from Bakuki by guiding them through all kinds of fiendish traps and puzzles.
    • Includes the Directors Cut, featuring a whole host of levels to devious to make it into the original game.
    • Make your way through the fiendish traps of Bakuki’s Lair.
    • Fall into the murky and malicious pitfall of The Underground and see if you can rise to victory yet again.
    • Survive the madness of The Asylum as you attempt to make your greatest escape yet.
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  • Suitable for people aged 12 and over.
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Escape Plan Collection Product Details
Join captive duo Lil and Laarg and help them make their escape once and for all from evil mastermind Bakuki. This ultimate Escape Plan Collection contains the original full game, plus all three additional content packs available on PlayStation Store.

From the belly of Bakuki’s deadly gloop factory in the original Escape Plan through to the fiendish traps in Bakuki’s Lair, on to the madness of The Asylum and finally into the murky and malicious pitfalls of The Underground, you’ll find all manner of traps, puzzles and enemies blocking Lil and Laarg’s path to the exit.

And if that wasn’t enough, this collection contains The Director’s Cut – a selection of levels too devious and dastardly to make it into the original game.

Aid Lil and Laarg’s bid for freedom with every level from Escape Plan, as well as all of the bonus content previously available on PlayStation Store: The Asylum, The Underground and The Director’s Cut, plus Bakuki’s Lair.

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