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Improve your game with our range of controllers.

However you like to play, we have to controller for you. As well as control pads we've got specialist joysticks and steering wheels, and keyboards, mice and gaming surfaces for PC gamers. We've also got some of the biggest brands, too, with controllers from the likes of Madcatz, Roccat, Razer and more!

Take control and play your way with our controllers!


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    Explore the world and form clubs with fellow gamers in Sony’s visually stimulating racer.…

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    9/10 - Titanfall stands out from the crowd for its creative game mechanics, balanced multiplayer experience and fresh interpretati…

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  4. Super Mario 3D World - Review (28/11/2013)

    10/10 - This is as good as platforming gets - and it's probably as good as gaming gets, too…

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