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  • 22/12/2011 Features

    Rolling The Dice: The History of Bioware

    Role-playing fans are used to risking everything on the roll of the dice, but those gambles are usually reserved for the fictional fantasy tales unfolding on kitchen tables and in college dorm rooms. In 1995, doctors Greg Zeschuk, Ray Muzyka and Augustine Yip rolled the dice in real life when they turned their back on lucrative medical careers and decided to devote their time to making computer games instead. They called their company Bioware, and you only have to look at the games bearing that name today to see if their gambit paid off.…

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  • Features

    StarCraft II: Midnight Launch

    On Monday 26th July our Oxford Street Store opened its doors to a veritable army of PC gamers for what many are calling the Real Time Strategy event of the century so far - the launch of Blizzard's sci-fi strategy epic StarCraft II. Here's our report...…

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