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Drakensang Online Free 2 Play

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  • Released on TBD
  • Devastating war has broken out across the Drakensang world, now a new type of hero must venture forth to end the war in this free to play game
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  • Suitable for people aged 12 and over.
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    Role Playing
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Drakensang Online Product Details

In a magical realm of mystery, creatures were pushed from the lands as rise of human empires dominated this mystical world, hunted and brought to the edge of extinction they were driven into the darkness and have for centuries been at rest; forgotten. And now these long lost creatures have begun to once more re-emerge and reclaim the land that was once their domain, dark forces and monsters of shadow gather strength and amass their forces lead by the most terrifying of them all; dragons.

Their absence from the land has left the people ill-prepared for such an awakening, spurred on by the rage built up over the centuries a devastating war has now been unleashed and the call has been put out to a new type of hero to fight back these beasts once more, the weight of mankind on their very shoulders.

Journey across beautiful and impressive landscapes built with cutting edge 3D graphics and delve into dark forests, treacherous swamps, ancient caves and elaborate cities as you do battle with the denziens within. Drakensang Online is a hack n’ slash that pits you against monsters, witches and dragons using the wondrous weaponry and spells that you unlock on your adventure.

Key Features
  • Play instantly in your browser without any client download
  • Over 10 mill registered players, play with thousands simultaneously
  • Fast and exciting hack n’ slash combat
  • Three different classes: Ranger, Spellweaver and the Dragonknight
  • Around 100 talents to choose from spread across three talent trees
  • Crafting, Pets, 30+ Skills and different PvP Modes
  • New content added weekly

The three character archetypes you can choose from in Drakensang Online are:
  • Ranger: Versatile to be deadly in melee combat and exceptional archer, constantly in motion relying on their dexterity they focus on hindering a target from a distance then moving in swiftly to make an up close kill.
  • Spellweaver: Keeping at a distance the Spellweaver controls the elements of ice, lightning and fire and summon creating devastating attacks. A long ranged combatant the Spellweaver has the ability to teleport to ensure they can always stay out of harms reach.
  • Dragonknight: Fuelled by battle, the longer a Dragonknight stays in combat the more dangerous and devastating their attacks become. Well skill practitioners of the martial forms, the channel their rage into special attack.
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