Disney Frozen Magical Musical Wand

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Disney Frozen Magical Musical Wand

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Disney Frozen Magical Musical Wand

We adore this magical wand as it brings all the enchantment of a snow globe with a swish and a sparkle to your little one's hands. Fans of Frozen will be overjoyed to own their very own wand, the wand used by their favourite Disney Princess, Elsa.

Set to be the bestselling toy for Christmas 2014, Frozen lends itself well to winter, as every Elsa doll and Disney Frozen toy is enhanced by the magic of the season. We have a full range of Disney Frozen toys on offer, all at the best prices and made with the highest quality. Our Elsa Wand is no exception.

This incredibly imaginative wand allows your child to mentally step into the most sought after snow scene of the big screen as the small snow globe on top creates a mini world in a swirl of snow. Not only will your children adore watching the sparkling snow fall around the pretty ice princess, they'll also be treated to a beautiful song from the film. Capturing everything that's enchanting about the Disney franchise, Elsa's wand really is a treat to behold and now you can let your little one's imaginations come to life as you give one of the bestselling girl's toys this Christmas.

Order yours now to avoid the danger of us running out and secure your Christmas magic today.


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