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See what the game truly has to offer and get thecomplete Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience

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Release Date: 26-Aug-2011
Choice is everything in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Choosing your own approach
is at the heart of the game, and the official guide reflects this in every way.
Multiple route walkthroughs are provided for each and every section of the game,
so wherever you are you’ll be able to see all of the possible approaches and their
rewards and consequences. See what the game truly has to offer and get the
complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution experience.

Multi-route Walkthrough
The walkthrough features a unique multi-route structure. Whether you play stealthily, hack your way through, or simply shooting everyone down, there’s a route to follow that suits your playstyle.

Augmentations Exposed
Understanding and combining the Augmentations is where the real fun lies in Deus Ex. The dedicated Augmentation chapter covers each Augmentation in exhaustive detail.

Quick-look Item Maps
For each section in the game we provide highly detailed maps. The Optional Exploration sections of the guide ensure you’ll never miss an item or secret.

Use of Weapons
Learn everything there is to know about the game’s arsenal of weapons, grenades and mines. A staggering amount of information is divulged about each one.

Side Quest Mastery
Ensure that you don’t miss a single Side Quest and experience the complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution story. We provide a separate walkthrough for each Side Quest and all rewards are outlined.

Everything Uncovered
Our comprehensive Completion Guide is designed with a single goal in mind: unlocking every single Achievement/Trophy in a single play through. Show more Show less

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