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Defiance Collector's Edition - Only at GAME Xbox 360

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  • The Defiance GAME Exclusive Collector's Edition for Xbox 360 includes a host of extras and in-game items to enhance your online futurisitc shooter experience
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Defiance Collector's Edition - Only at GAME Product Details
Please Note: Defiance GAME Exclusive Collector's Edition is too heavy for international  delivery.

Defiance for Xbox 360 is a futuristic online shooter produced in conjunction with the new SyFy channel TV show, where the actions and events of one will impact the other!

Defiance GAME Exclusive Collector's Edition for Xbox 360 includes:
  • Hellbug Statue
  • Art of Defiance Art Book
  • Soundtrack and Bonus DVD
  • VBI Contract
  • Two Defiance post cards
  • In-game Items
Ark Hunter Infiltrator Outfit
Hydra Heavy Weapon
Exclusive weapon
VBI Sentinel Shield
7 Day scrip boost
7 Day XP boost
Lock Box
+5 Inventory
In-game title: Badlands Drifter

Key Features of Defiance
  • Enter a brave new world where humans and aliens survive together
  • Create, customise and upgrade your character
  • Go on the hunt alone or with others in varied missions and challenges
  • Take on other players in massive online battles and dynamic Arkfall events
  • Discover a wealth of new enemies – human, alien and beyond!
  • Interact with the Defiance TV show in exciting new ways

Defiance takes you to a future Earth, one that has been terraformed and colonised by the Votans, a collection of alien species from the Votan system. The Votans were pursued to Earth by an even deadlier alien threat, which led to a terrible accident that changed the Earth forever and left a wealth of alien technology – Arktech – scattered throughout the world.

The San Francisco of Defiance is a place where humans and aliens survive and scavenge together, and not always peacefully. The hostility and rivalry between the various races is enhanced by the hundreds of other players joining you in the online world of Defiance, and matched by a constantly evolving environment. This is perhaps the largest third-person shooter you'll ever experience.

Defiance embraces many of the features of a MMORPG. Create your own character based on a choice of character classes and with a choice of races, both human and alien. Modify your appearance to stand out, choose your skills and weapons, and join the fray! As the game advances you'll get the chance to level up, unlocking new perks to further make your character your own. Further customisation options come from the various weapons and other equipment you will loot throughout the game, with new guns and upgrades and the choice of five different loadouts to suit your playing style.

The Votan influence on the world in Defiance also includes the EGO, or Environmental Guardian Online, which can give you the power to expand beyond your physical limits. This alien AI implant will fuse with your character's body, providing instant intelligence of the environment around you and unlocking the dormant potential for super-human powers held within human DNA, including speed, invisibility and more!

Defiance offers a wealth of missions for you to undertake as one of the Ark Hunters, an Earth Republic-funded expedition tasked with finding an ancient relic somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area. As an Ark Hunter, you'll join with – or compete with – other players searching for this artefact by gathering information and other items of Arktech, and thwarting alien threats.

There are also plenty of side missions and challenges for you to test your skills, giving you the chance to earn extra cash to help you level up. The Bay Area is home to several influential business owners who will issue contracts to Ark Hunters, and the better you fulfil these contracts, the more you'll be offered. All the missions in Defiance are scaled and timed to match the number of players present at any one time, so there'll always be a chance to muck in with others – or play solo if you prefer.

Outside of the missions, Defiance offers massive multiplayer battles for you to really prove your skills on the battlefield. After all, Ark Hunting is a competitive business, and what better way to eliminate the competition than with brutal combat! Go toe to toe with dozens of other players in a range of multiplayer modes including team battles and all-out deathmatches.

If you find yourself in the vicinity of certain items of Arktech, you may even be chosen to join the ongoing Shadow War. If you choose to accept, you'll become a Shadow Operative working for a private military company known only as Echelon. Falling into one of two teams, Echelon will send you to battle each other and retrieve the important Arktech. A victory in a Shadow War will earn you Echelon credits to be used on unique weapons, armour and gear – and a place on the Echelon mercenary leaderboards.

There are also dynamic events called Arkfalls that can't be ignored. The sky will turn black and the environment whips up into a violent torrent of debris as pieces of Arktech fall from the sky. A brave Ark Hunter or two can handle a minor Arkfall – but the major ones will attract a horde of the beastly enemies, complete with a massive guardian creature, and these foes can only be bested by an army of Ark Hunters working together – and sharing the spoils of victory.

The land of Defiance is home to a wide range of enemies of all kinds. First up are the Mutants, former human soldiers and scientists twisted into mindless monstrosities. The Ninety-Niners also used to be human, former Miners sacrificing their humanity for cyborg parts in their quest for minerals and profit. The Raiders are an interspecies horde of ruthless scavengers, preying on weak frontier towns. The Scrappers are hostile but highly intelligent robots constructed from scrap. Finally are the Hellbugs - voracious creatures created by the terraforming of Earth.

On top of all this, Defiance the video game is ground-breaking in the way it will interact with the Defiance the TV show. The events of the show will impact the online world of the game in real-time, and your character may even cross paths with characters from the show. Plus, events and characters from the game – including yours – could even show up in the TV show!

Product Details:
  • Requires 10 GB of available storage
  • Online Only, Broadband required
  • Xbox LIVE Gold subscription required

If you have received a preorder code for Defiance, follow the instructions below to take part in the action:
  • Go to http://www.defiance.com/en/register/  
  • Complete the set up process entering your name, date of birth, e-mail, password & select your platform. If you already have a Trion account, log in and proceed to step 6.
  • You will receive an e-mail from Trion Worlds with instructions for how to verify your account
  • Click ‘Verify account’ link which takes you to the Trion Worlds website.
  • Enter your login details.
  • Click on the ‘Apply code’ tab and input the code number received by Game.
  • This applies all of the Preorder elements to your Defiance account.
  • At the launch of the game, you will receive an email containing a code for all preorder elements and instructions for how to redeem your code.

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