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Courier Truck Simulator PC Games

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  • Get behind the steering wheel of one of the many different courier/delivery truck models in Courier Truck Simulator
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Courier Truck Simulator Product Details

Welcome to your new job: courier driver and postman!

Get behind the steering wheel of one of the many different courier/delivery truck models and also on your feet to collect and deliver packages etc. on one of the countless tracks in the fictional Urban City.

But keep the time schedule.
Your task is to keep the time schedule and collect the delivery and, of course, get out of your vehicle or off your bike and deliver it personally. Choose the corporate look (colour, name, logo etc.) and choose between different truck models. Control both the vehicle and the delivery men! Let them collect the package and deliver it to the front door on your command.
Additional truck models are unlocked step by step.

An unlimited number of tasks (simple mail delivery up to packages and wares) through different districts (city, industrial, business centre etc.) offer countless hours of fun and challenges.
Watch the events from different camera angles, including cockpit view.
Prepare yourself for driving in all types of changing weather conditions (sunshine, snow, ice, rain, fog) and daytimes.

To show what you are made of, you can try to get into the world-wide highscores list.
No matter if you are beginner or pro, this simulation challenges everybody.

  • Unlimited tasks in a huge megacity
  • 7 different delivery truck models in 7 classes, including bike
  • Huge city model with traffic, pedestrians and lots of details
  • Different camera views including cockpit view
  • Highscores list and online highscores system
  • Different daytimes and weather conditions
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can be controlled with mouse, keyboard, gamepads or wheels

Windows XP/Vista/7, Pentium or similar processor with 1,7 GHz, 512 MB RAM, min. Gforce 4-5 Video card with 128 MB, 3.5 GB free HD space.