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Release on 03/03/2017. 38 days to go!
Constructor HD is a remake of the original 1997 classic in which the player manages a contruction company, building housing estates - except with a twist..

Along with constructing housing and keeping your tenants happy you can utilise various undesireables such as thugs and hippies to sabotage rival constructors and build your own all powerful housing empire!

Oh.. and watch out for Mr Fix it!

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Release Date: 03/03/2017
System 3 has bowed down to the overwhelming pressure of gamers worldwide to produce a reboot of the legendary Constructor. First released back in '97, this enduring real time build 'em up strategy game is heading back to thrill today's gamers on current gen formats.

  • Incredibly detailed graphics and animations bring the World of Constructors to life
  • Zoom in and out of the action for more detailed views of events or for a more global overview of the city
  • Unprecedented game play depth lets you control entire worlds down to the last human character
  • Humorous and unique circumstances create worlds with realistic but hilarious consequences
  • Enormous cast of characters - Desirables and Undesirables!
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Suitable for people aged 12 and over.



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