CoffeeHouse Chaos!

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Brew Up The Fun!

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Release Date: TBD

Brew Up The Fun!

Caffeine addicted customers want their coffee-and they want it fast! Can you take your customers' orders, brew their java and deliver it before they leave in frustration? Satisfy your patrons to build your coffee shop into a successful brew house.

  • Get ready for a delicious blend of puzzle and action.
  • Customers, customers everywhere!
  • Seat your patrons, take their orders and deliver their coffee before the coffee house becomes chaos and they leave without paying.
  • One cup at a time.
  • Upgrade your coffee shop’s menu and coffee selection as you make more profits and attract more customers.
  • Brew up grande-sized high scores.
  • Play through 25 fast-paced levels in Career, Crazy Cash or Time Attack Modes.
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Suitable for people aged TBD and over.



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