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Call of Duty Ghosts Limited Edition Strategy Guide Strategy Guides and Books

    • Strategy Guides and Books Strategy Guides and Books Your selected format is Strategy Guides and Books
  • Get the competitive edge on your opponents with the Call of Duty Ghosts Limited Edition Strategy Guide
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  • Suitable for people aged 3 and over.
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Call of Duty Ghosts Limited Edition Strategy Guide Product Details

The Call of Duty Ghosts Limited Edition Strategy Guide includes:
  • Two amazing embroidered fabric patches recreate the Ghosts Team and Federation insignia. Represent your faction in the real world with these authentic replicas of in-game artefacts. These unique patches are available exclusively in the Limited Edition guide, nowhere else.
  • Special hardbound cover features unique artwork creating a must-have collectable for any Call of Duty fan.
  • Comprehensive multiplayer coverage. Pro level tactics for solo and team-based play, every game mode, including Cranked and Search and Rescue, unprecedented weapon analysis, perks, ranking up, challenges, killstreaks and much more!
  • In depth coverage of every new innovation, including the greatly expanded character load-out system, Squads, the latest arsenal additions and much more. Learn everything that's new to Call of Duty Ghosts and gain the competitive edge.
  • Exclusive, highly detailed single player and multiplayer maps depict every level. Discover every weapon and ammo position, collectable location, campaign and multiplayer objectives and more!
  • Complete campaign walkthrough leads you step by step through the entire game from start to finish, including all Rorke File collectable locations.
  • Winning Create-a-Soldier advice custom tailors your load-out for the game modes, the maps, the team roles and the play styles you want to master.
  • Plus achievement and trophy rosters, unlockables, gripping artwork and much more!

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