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Dalmatian and Friends DSi and DS Lite

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  • Once the players have bought their dog, they have to take full care; i.e. feed them, wash them, take them out for walks in the neighbourhood, play with them, ad cuddle them.
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  • Suitable for people aged 3 and over.
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Dalmatian and Friends Product Details
Once the players have bought their dog, they have to take full care; i.e. feed them, wash them, take them out for walks in the neighborhood, play with them, ad cuddle them. Through the built-in DS microphone, players can also each their dogs voice command-lead tricks – from the classic ’sit’ to the more advanced ‘backflip’.

Once players have trained their puppy up, they can enroll their dog into competitions to prove their talent and earn prize money. There are three different type of competition: an obedience trial, a Frisbee-catching contest, and an obstacle course (against time). With the competition earnings, the player can buy food, toys, and accessories for their dog. It is possible to buy and own up to three puppies at any single time.


  • Total of 20 dogs as in the other versions
  • 6 different breed unlocked from the beginning: Dalmatian, Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle
  • 12 other breeds can be unlocked in the game through collection of dog owner points
  • Plus 2 secret breeds that can be unlocked through finding the rare items; the Jack Russell Terrier (item: Jack Russell’s Book) and Shiba Inu (item: Japanese Collar)
  • When a Dalmatian is met in Bark Mode, it will be unlocked automatically for those who do not yet have Dalmatian available within their games rooms
  • Initial indoor room design of the flat is “Early American”
  • Rooms in the Reform Shop from the beginning of the game; Northern European Style, Designer’s Mansion, Japanese-style Room.
  • 3 Hidden Rooms: Desktop Space, Seaside & Outer Space Items
  • Items available from the beginning: Fireman’s Hat (the US Best Friends version had a Santa’s Hat as a promotional item)
  • Over 100 items can be bought or found for the dogs to either play with them or dress them up. Overall probability of finding items remains the same apart from Santa’s Hat (Standard) and Japanese Collar (rare).
  • Players need to collect over 20,000 Owner Points to make available; Jack Russell’s Book, Rhinestone Collar and Pearl Necklace.

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