Big Ben Cyberbike - Magnetic Edition

Big Ben Cyberbike - Magnetic Edition Accessories
Play and move with the Cyberbike Magentic Edition only on Nintendo Wii

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Release Date: 29-Oct-2010
Pilot 4 unique vehicles on the planet Cyclo as you take to the air and use your eco-citizen legs for Cyclo’s benefit to rid it of all the pollution that is ruining it on Nintendo Wii! On the ground you'll take control of a bicycle and Wagon, in the air you'll hover in a helicopter and underwater you'll dive to the depths in a Submarine. Take part in 3 great game modes as you play for fun and fitness in a completely unique experience that allows the entire family to get fit while having fun!

Cyberbike Magnetic Edition version has been greatly improved over the original Cyberbike by adding an adjustable magnetic resistance which alows you to tailor the experience and maximises your efforts.

  • An indoor bicycle that you can plug into your Wii console!
  • 4 vehicles that will satisfy all family members
  • 3 game modes:
  • Story Mode: kids/teens - unlock the vehicles as you play… by pedalling.
  • Fitness mode: Adults - set a goal (distance, length of time, calories, etc.) and let the game help you reach it.
  • Multiplayer mode, up to 4 players can play by taking turns.
  • Advance through the story and customise your vehicles
  • Adjustable difficulty levels.
  • Compatible with Gamecube Controller.  
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Suitable for people aged 3 and over.



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