Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Team Predator Fangrir

Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Team Predator Fangrir Figurines and Sets
Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Team Predator Fangrir

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The next generation of battling tops are here: Battle Strikers Metal XS! Experience the high-speed action and sound of metal-on-metal clashing at over 6000 revolutions per minute while you control every movement with the magnetic DLX Controller! The newest Metal XS series introduces three new teams: Predator: Guardians of the land and sea, these fierce animals tear the opposition apart with vicious attacks! Paladin: Rising from the dust of battle, the Paladin team uses intense fighting techniques to take their opponents down! Phantom: From the darkness in the corners of the world, the Phantom team is made up of savage fiends that suck the energy from their opponents! The venomous Predator Striker FANGRIR launches its attack! A powerful momentum-focused design places the weight in all the right places to increase spin time. Use its steep slopes to throw the opponent away, or use its powerful fang attack for a critical hit! Show more Show less

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