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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel PlayStation 3

    • PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 Your selected format is PlayStation 3
  • Team-up-to-takedown a deadly Mexican Cartel with a friend in third person co-op shooter Army of Two: Devils Cartel on PlayStation 3
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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Product Details
Team-up-to-takedown a deadly Mexican Cartel with a friend in Army of Two: Devils Cartel on PlayStation 3.

The original tactical co-op game returns in Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel! This grim and gritty action shooter pits two players against a dangerous drug cartel from Mexico in both split-screen and online co-op.

Key Features of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel for PlayStation 3
  • Become the ultimate co-op team in Army of Two The Devils Cartel as Alpha and Bravo, two mercenaries that know the meaning of teamwork!
  • Built on Frostbite 2 - Using the same engine as Battlefield 3, Army of Two Devils Cartel will give you stunning visuals and a wealth of destruction.
  • Team-up-to-takedown - Join forces with the AI or a friend to take on a Mexican Drug Cartel, use co-op manoeuvres and strategy to overcome the odds.
  • Create the ultimate soldier - Customise your character with new gear and weapons to make them stand out from the crowd as unlock new pieces as you progress throughout the story.
  • Overkill - Build up your Overkill meter by working as a team, and then unleash a wave of destruction on unsuspecting enemies.

Set in modern day Mexico, Army of Two Devils Cartel sees you taking on the might of a Mexican Drug Cartel as Alpha or Bravo, a team of professional mercenaries for hire who'll do the jobs no one else can by working as a well-oiled team.

Built using Battlefield 3's FrostBite 2 Engine, Devil's Cartel will see you laying waste to everyone and everything as you duck and dive for cover in your war with the Mexican Cartel. But be warned your cover may not last long as bullets and explosions tear your surroundings apart.

You will be an Army of Two, so you'll need to work together to get the job done, your partners life is in your hands, as yours is in theirs! Provide cover and support and perform cooperative manoeuvres to make sure you both come out of this alive.

As you perform coop moves you'll build up your Overkill Meter, when fully charged you both must activate this to unleash destruction on whole new level that enemy will have a hard time escaping.

You're given the foundation of Alpha and Bravo, but it's up to you to decide what weapons and gear they'll go into battle with, whether it's simply changing the colours of their masks or decking them out with an unforgettable look. Choose what loadout they'll carry making sure they complement each other so that you've got the equipment to overcome any obstacles.

Grab a friend and take on the Mexican Drug Cartel together as Army of Two Devils Cartel features full campaign coop.