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  • Anarchy Reigns - Limited Edition for Playstation 3 throws even more mad game modes and Bayonetta into the mayhem of this multiplayer brawler
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Anarchy Reigns - Limited Edition for PlayStation 3 serves up crazy combat and multiplayer melees in the ultimate survival of the fittest.

This barmy brawler could only have come from the minds of PlatinumGames, rewarding both creativity and all-out violence in both an intense single-player campaign and a range of multiplayer modes for up to 16 players fighting online.

Anarchy Reigns - Limited Edition Includes:

  • PlatinumGames' iconic gun-wielding witch as an extra playable character
New Game Modes
  • Mad Survival Mode - the enemies are replaced by more powerful versions of the playable characters
  • Dogfight – everyone is hanging from helicopters with the aim to knock each other off!

Key Features of Anarchy Reigns on PlayStation 3

  • Over-the-top combat in over-the-top arenas
  • A wealth of multiplayer modes for ultimate battles
  • Pick a side for the single-player campaign
  • Fight as some of PlatinumGames' most iconic characters

The combat in Anarchy Reigns aims to push the limits of the conventional brawler. The free-flowing, anything-goes combat will challenge and reward all fighting skills and styles with timing-based attacks and combos. Learn when and how to hit, block, dodge and wait, and when to unleash your Killer Weapon and wipe your opponent out.

The combat takes place in a massively open-world, set in a fantastical and bleak mutant-filled future. Each of the vibrant arenas is as crazy as the fighters – and as unpredictable thanks to the Action Trigger Events (ATE) system that will thrown the unexpected in your way. Everything from planes crash and trucks hurtling through to a black hole opening or the Kraken rising from the depths can and will occur, changing the environment around you and ensuring that no two fights are ever the same!

The focus of the fighting is in the wealth of multiplayer battles Anarchy Reigns can offer. There's a diverse range of co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes, from the monster-fighting Survival Mode, to the (slightly) more sporting Tag-Team and Deathball, to the all-out fight to the finish that is Battle Royal. Online multiplayer can support up to 16 combatants at once, meaning you never quite know where each battle will take you!

The single-player Campaign is just as crazy, with a choice to play the events out from two different sides. Choose the Black Side and you'll play as Jack Cayman, star – and survivor – of MadWorld, armed with his Killer Weapon the 'Gator Tooth', a retractable double chainsaw. In his arm. If you choose the White Side, you'll instead play as his rival Leonhardt "Leo" Victorion, agent of Strike One and wielder of Positron Blades. Which side you choose will show different cut-scenes, different missions and different bosses.

Jack and Leo are just two of the many PlatinumGames characters you can play as, each with their own fighting style, Killer Weapon, and signature kill move. The full list of playable characters is:

  • Jack Cayman – agent of the Chaser Guild, armed with 'Gator Tooth' a retractable double chainsaw
  • Leo – Jack's rival, armed with charged positron blades
  • Blacker Baron – a cocksure bounty hunter who hits with his "Super Sexy Fists of Fire"
  • Mathilda – Baron's assistant, wielding her spiked club 'Iron Maiden'
  • Big Bull – A human brain in a bull-like robot body, who wields the Jet Hammer
  • Sasha – A Strike One Agent armed with the icy Snow Spikes
  • Zero – Dual Katana-wielding robot ninja
  • Durga – Cyborg bounty hunter with cat-like martial arts and a Revolver Cannon in his robot leg
  • Garuda – Durga's partner with jet-plane transforming ablities
  • Oinkie – This fat junk seller can change into a reptilian beast when he drinks his mutagen 'Juice'
  • Rin Rin – Clan member of the Crimson Dragons and wielder of two fiery-bladed fans
  • Fei Rin – Rin Rin's older sister, armed with an ice-bladed trident
  • Ai Rin - Rin Rin's younger sister, armed with lightning nunchuks
  • Nikolai – The leader of Strike One, armed with electrical Tesla Coils

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