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Adult Game Piss Artist Traditional Games
The rather rude drinking and drawing game | Contains pencils, board, pads, pieces and 500 drawing suggestions | A great adult party game | Be careful you don't end up in rehab and have to miss a

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As you move around the bottle, and land on one of the 6 different categories, they are Catchphrase, Entertainment, Object, Action, Dirty Draws and bite your tongue. Apart from Bite your Tongue, your sketching skills are put to the test, when you have to draw what is on the card and your teammates have to guess what it is before time runs out! To assist your teammates, the power of mime is allowed. As you go around the board you may land on ''Team Drink'' and you and your teammates have to drink some of their favourite beverage or to make it a little more interesting down a shot! Beware you could be sent to ''Rehab'' not only does your team miss a go but alcohol is not to be consumed whilst in 'Rehab'. The first team to make it to the Start/Finish space and correctly guesses the card, which the other team gets to choose, WINS! Show more Show less

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Suitable for people aged TBD and over.



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