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    Tritton are the audio division of MAD CATZ, and create highly advanced headsets, perfect for every type of gamer. They know that gamers want to play for hours, with the latest tech and look cool as they do it, so Tritton aim to tick all three. A Tritton headset has gone to great lengths to ensure it's comfortable, looks sweet and incorporates the latest audio technologies.…

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    Giotek make some incredible entry level headsets for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and PC that utilise military technology to help take you to the next level. Immerse yourself further into your video game with their hardcore looking, army style devices, talk to your friends, work as a team and together conquer the world!…

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    Gamers who have an Xbox 360 or a PC should take note as a Microsoft headset is right up your street. They've been making consoles for quite a while now and they know what their gamers want. Solidly built, packed with handy features, Microsoft's gear is great for gamers who are looking to pick up their first headset and take their gaming up a notch from the standard headset.…

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    For those of us FPS veterans who have a trigger finger that now resembles a claw, Revolution is everything you'll need for your next bout of online death-dealing. But now with added brain-munching. read more

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    What's most impressive is how Treyarch has managed to broaden the game's appeal without sacrificing the hardcore fans. It really is the strongest and most surprising Call of Duty game since the first Modern Warfare, and comes highly recommended to both fans and newcomers alike. read more

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    With the latest technology in the PlayStation 3, it'd be safe to expect their audio tech to be pretty handy too, and SONY don't disappoint. Light and durable, headsets are a solid investment for any gaming enthusiast, chat to friends and team mates while gaming. Easy to set up so there is no messing around, an ideal first headset for any PlayStation 3 owner.…

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    Get lost in your favourite games with these PC headsets. Block out the outside world with these headsets that will boost the bass and keep you focused when you game. Whether you go for a basic headset or top of the range branded headset, you'll find the best value and quality right here.…

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